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Critical Access Hospitals Conditions of Participation 2017: Ensuring Compliance Webinar - Part 2


Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) must comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPs), which serve as the basis for determining compliance. In this three-part webinar, the Oct. 9, 2015 final CMS manual and the many changes incurred will be discussed in detail. You will learn details about the CoPs and what to do when a surveyor arrives at your facility. Additionally, every section in the CAH hospital manual will be discussed, including updates and changes for 2017.

This session will help CAHs comply with specific CoP problem areas, including nursing care plans, legibility requirements, necessary policies and procedures, nursing medication carts, drug storage, informed consent, history and physicals, verbal orders, medication administration, security of medications, protocols, standing orders and emergency preparedness. This program will also cover the many pharmacy standards and medication-related sections in detail. 

 Learning Objectives

  • List the sections of the final 2015 manual including dietary, nursing, drugs and biologicals, pharmacy and infection control
  • Describe the responsibilities of pharmacists including development, supervision and coordination of pharmacy activities
  • Describe CAH monitoring and inspection requirements that will ensure outdated drugs are not available for patient use
  • List requirements for security and storage of medications, medication carts and anesthesia carts
  • Discuss the requirements that describe the list of do-not-use abbreviations and review of sound alike/look alike drugs 
Target Audience

This webinar is intended for anyone involved with compliance regulations and standards, including – but not limited to – CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CNOs, physicians, nurses, quality improvement staff, risk managers, pharmacy staff, dieticians, compliance officers and legal counsel, ethics committee members, consumer advocates, TJC liaisons, safety officers, behavioral health and psychiatric staff and case managers.

Sue Dill Calloway, President, Patient Safety and Health Care Education Consulting
Sue Dill Calloway has been a nurse attorney and consultant for more than 30 years. Currently, she is president of Patient Safety and Healthcare Education and Consulting and was previously the chief learning officer for the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation. She has conducted many educational programs for nurses, physicians and other health care providers. Sue has authored over 100 books and numerous articles. She is a frequent speaker and is well known across the country in the area of health care law, risk management and patient safety.

Registration fee: $195 for CHA members, $245 for associate members and $295 for non-members. The deadline to register is Monday, Feb.13.

Webinar Instructions and Materials
Prior to the webinar, you will receive instructions for accessing the webinar, along with the slide presentation via email. If your email address changes, you do not receive an email with instructions from CHA or if you are unable to download or open presentation materials, please contact CHA prior to the webinar at  or 720.489.1630.

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